Entry Rules

  • All entries must have been produced between 1/1/20 and 12/31/20.
  • Entries are limited to the specified categories of awards.
  • Entries that have previously won a Fourteeners Award are ineligible.
  • Entries must have been produced in Colorado or for use by a Colorado company.
  • All entries must be submitted through the Fourteeners Online Entry Submittal System.
  • For each entry, clearly indicate the category in which you want your work to compete.
  • Each entry must include a statement of objectives, strategy, target audience and results of the entry.
  • Entries may be submitted in more than one award category.
  • Entry fees are calculated based on the number of entries and the number of categories into which they are entered. (i.e., One entry submitted to two categories = two entry fees.)
  • Each entry must include one or more of the following:
    1. One or more PDF files that illustrate why the entry should win in the award category.
    2. One or more web links with a statement of how the link illustrates why the entry should win in the award category.
  • Best of Show Award winners are requested to attend the awards ceremony for recognition.

Important points about entering

Point 1: Your entry write-up is seen ONLY by the judges and the Fourteeners administrator. Your submission and text are confidential. Proprietary information is not shared outside the judges and the administrator.

Point 2: Not sure if your entry qualifies? Or have any other questions? Call one of the contacts. They will talk with you and help you through it.


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